Synthesis of The Reading-Writing Connection and Literary Borrowing Essay

Synthesis of The Reading-Writing Connection and Literary Borrowing Essay

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There is no question that a connection between reading and writing exists. Although, to what degree does one have to be immersed into literature for it to influence students’ writing experiences? Some ideas to help formulate answers and support this connection can be found in the two following articles in which, authors address the relationship between reading and writing. In the first piece titled The Reading-Writing Connection, author Olness (2005) offers insight to this connection by assembling many teachers and researchers information on the connection between reading, writing, and the value of quality children’s literature. Olness provides examples and ideas of how to successfully join reading with writing in the classroom. In the second article titled Literary Borrowing: The Effects of Literature on Children’s Writing, Lancia (1997) investigates the frequency and diversity of the independent ways children use ideas from literature while composing. Lancia illustrates the active relationship between reading and writing through a study he conducted within his second grade classroom. Both of these articles address the strong connection that reading imposes on student compositions and how inexorably writing affects all aspects of reading and the use of language.
Olness (2005) begins her piece with quotes from prominent teachers and researchers to support the connection between reading and writing and states, “the primary reason for exposing children to quality literature is for its aesthetic value; a secondary benefit is its influence on student writing” (p. 1). Olness continues by explaining the ways students develop literary skills and awareness, expansion of vocabulary, and overall literature experience by hearing t...

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...h articles provide strong evidence in which students need to be immersed to a high degree in meaningful, purposeful, high quality literature for his or her writing to be influenced. Furthermore, students not only need to immersed in high quality literature, but this literature has to be discussed and incorporated into a writing community to nurture and foster the development of the readers and writers within the community. In summation, both of these articles address the necessary reading-writing connection in relation to students’ compositions and growth as a reader and language communicator.

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Lancia, P. (1997). Literary Borrowing: The Effects of Literature on Children’s Writing. The Reading Teacher, 50(6), 470-475.
Olness, R. (2005). Writing Using Literature to Enhance Writing Instruction. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

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