Essay on Synthesis Analysis : ' Help ! I Can 't Put Down My Phone '

Essay on Synthesis Analysis : ' Help ! I Can 't Put Down My Phone '

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Drevin Shafer
Synthesis/Analysis Essay

Do You Have Nomophobia?

It is in your pocket right now, or at least within five feet of you; it is your cell phone. One of the most dangerous distractions to this day. Some look at it every five minutes, some sneak a peek every couple hours or maybe even every five seconds. The thing is, everyone has a little nomophobia (the fear of being out of contact with your mobile phone). How have cell phones affected adolescents in this country? The two texts I have chosen to help me answer this question have the same view, the presentation of the information is just slightly different. The first text is titled “Help! I Can’t Put Down My Phone,” this was written by Margaret Kaminski. This text focuses on the brain inducing chemicals that these cellular devices place in our bodies. It relays its information in a fairly elementary way through the use of pictures, large font and cartoons but is nevertheless, a powerful article. The second article I chose is the “Analysis Of Technology Ownership And Selective Use Among Undergraduates.” This was written by Terry Diamanduros, Stephen Jenkins, and Elizabeth Downs. The text informs the reader through studies that have been performed and mostly convey the findings through numbers and percentages. They even performed their own research at a university in southeastern Georgia. Yet both of these texts come to the same conclusion; cell phones are a major distraction.
Whereas Kaminski discusses the neurological side of the issue and how phones can control us, Diamanduros, Jenkins, and Downs discuss the information they have gathered and created to infer that we as a society have begun to overuse technology; specifically cell phones. Though I agree with Kaminski...

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...ur brain saying, “stay on your phone.” We can’t control the dose of adrenaline it gives us when someone likes our post. The only possible way to compete with this is to not have one at all. The problem is, now you are at a disadvantage. Everybody has a cell phone these days. They just make life more simple. I truly believe it is a lose-lose situation when it comes to cell phones.
Kaminski, Diamanduros, Jenkins, and Downs help us realize that cell phones are an issue. Whether it is a brain inducing chemical or just the fact that we own one and spend too much time on it, they have us all hypnotized to use them again, again and again. Beyond that, this may be a problem we can not even begin to solve. Cell phones have their pros; it 's your life in the palm of your hands. However, they also have their cons; not only do they contain your life, they control them as well.

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