Synovial Sarcom A Malignant Tumor

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Synovial Sarcoma is a malignant tumor that affects soft tissue and is very rare occurring in approximately 3 out of a million people. Most popular amongst adults and teenagers, this cancer is relatively painful and it may cause discomfort, especially if the tumor grows near a nerve, and difficulty in breathing and swallowing if it affects the area near the head or neck. Caused by a translocation in the 18 and x chromosomes, Synovial Sarcoma is a genetic mutation that can be diagnosed, and treated with the proper procedures. Symptoms of this disease are not noticeable within the first few moments of obtaining it. Nevertheless, after a couple of stages, patients will begin to notice a small bump or swelling occurring in a specific part of their body. Most often this lump is mistaken for arthritis, and patients will not realize the severity of the problem. However, if the patient is having immense pain and trouble breathing, they should immediately seek help from a doctor. Also, this disease is more likely to occur in people who have been exposed to Thorotrast, vinyl chloride, or arsenic, have been treated with radiation, or have lymphedema, so if the patient has been exposed to any of these, then they should also seek help. Diagnosing Synovial Sarcoma is done by using either a biopsy, x-ray. CT scan, MRI or a sonogram. A surgeon will typically remove a piece of the infected tissue and give it to a pathologist so they can examine it for further analysis of the disease. Certain dyes are used to stain the tumor, and the way the tumor reacts to the dyes will determine if it is synovial sarcoma or not. Another procedure that may be used to determine if the tumor does pertain to this disease, will be the study of the person 's genetics,... ... middle of paper ... ...hibitors that will weaken the cancer. Some of these include, Angiogenesis inhibitors, and biological therapies. They are even going as far as combining radiation therapy and chemotherapy as they believe this will enhance their success of destroying the cancer. With new technological innovations being created and having multiple funded research centers, doctors are trying to figure out the cure for Synovial Sarcoma. Synovial Sarcoma is a cancer that invades its surrounding tissues. It is for the most part capable of creating metastases, and it tends to reappear after it has been surgically removed. This disease has also been known to cause fatalities. Treatments options are available after a diagnosis has been performed, and this disease is curable. However, since this cancer is really uncommon, doctors have difficulties in finding ways to prevent this from occurring.

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