Synopsis : ' The Best Place At Live ' London ' Essay

Synopsis : ' The Best Place At Live ' London ' Essay

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Title: Fitzrovia Outcall Visits From Your Escort

Meta Description: Named as “the best place to live in London” by Sunday Times in 2016, Fitzrovia has a rapid wave of people from Soho and Marylebone nightlife scene that makes this neighbourhood fantastic but a neutral place where creativity can flow inside your luxury flat or private residence. Read more information about our outstanding outcall service in Fitzrovia.

Information About Fitzrovia

Named “the best place to live in London” in 2016 by The Sunday Times, Fitzrovia has a diverse population, historic bars, cafes, and many upscale restaurants for all to enjoy. This area is constantly developing and has historic tall Victorian brick buildings, Georgian townhouses and mansions, a low crime rate, and easy access to public transportation in this working class community. Surrounded by the Marylebone, Soho and Bloomsbury neighbourhoods, this bohemian area is experiencing a rapid cultural and economic growth because of the active nightlife scene in Soho, and the fashion and media presence in Fitzrovia. It gets extensive!

Some Important Landmarks in Fitzrovia

The BT Tower stands at 189 metres and is the tallest building in the United Kingdom. The 34th floor was a rotating restaurant but now it serves as a tourists destination giving the best panoramic views in the entire city. Many connected communications microwave dishes surrounding the tower below sending out radio waves for internet and telephone services. The Fitzroy Tavern was a haven for those in the bohemian community of deep thinkers, writers and artists who let their creativity flourish freely. This is why Dylan Thomas, George Orwell, Tom Driberg, and George Bernard Shaw were regular guests and the atmosphere inspired ...

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