Synopsis Of ' Season ' Greetings ' Essay

Synopsis Of ' Season ' Greetings ' Essay

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Season’s Greetings
Sunday afternoon, a cloudy day. Right after lunch, I was heading West to see the play. I was excited already to start with the Christmas spirit, even though, Thanksgiving still far. I got to the theatre, on the second floor. I bought my ticket on this little window at the end of the hallway. As I entered the theater I could hear the Christmas songs and notice the big Christmas tree in the middle of the stage. The type of stage is proscenium with an extended apron; its structure was very different. The audience seats are arranged in an arch, the entrance was made from the back of the theater and the stage was below the audience. This theater, even though small, it accommodated everybody well, giving everybody a very good view of the play. It takes place at a house somewhere in England during the Christmas evening, day and Boxing day. Being able to watch a
What is being attempted? The director focused on the relationships within the family and the issues they were all going through. Before the play started, she came upstage and said “This is a very warming Christmas play, made with love. I hope everybody enjoys it.”, her statement got me ready to feel more empathy towards the family and understand better their conflicts. The genre was said in her words and played until the end, she intentionally made of it a Domestic Comedy. The structure can be interpreted as climatic and episodic; there were nine actors in stage (episodic); if you focus on Belinda and Clive’s first encounter as the first glimpse of the problem (episodic, because the plot begins early in the story), but if you see it as Howard’s comment about guns (climatic, because it begins late in the story); it covers a short space of time (climatic); it oc...

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The director focused since the beginning in the family issues of the play. When Clive arrived at the first scene, you had the feeling that even though he was going to be an important “piece of the puzzle”, he did not fit in there. When reading the play, I had more empathy towards Clive. But by seeing it, Clive was just a famous writer, that did not belong with the family. The conflicts were very well exposed and understood. In my opinion, the play could have been funnier. The actors together with the director should have focused more on the sarcastic comedy built in the play.
Season’s Greetings brings all the dissonance that every couple and family have. Mostly during Christmas. And the play was brought to remind us that those are the people who matter. It is an enjoyable moment to spend with the loved ones to see what should be done differently this Christmas.

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