Essay on Symptoms Of The Flu Shot

Essay on Symptoms Of The Flu Shot

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Dr. Shirk, I understand your reluctance to get the flu shot because the flu shot is supposed to prevent the flu, not initiate it. Maybe you already had the virus before you obtained the shot making it become ineffective in the past. Disregarding your past discrepancies with the flu shot, I believe getting the flu shot would be in your best interest this year because it can ultimately lower the risk of heart problems, it can prevent others from getting the virus, and it can reduce the risk of hospitalization due to serious flu outcomes. The flu shot can help you and everyone around you in the hope that this time, you won’t become very ill.

Vaccines for All
A Harvard Health Letter stated that the flu shot can ultimately lower the risk of heart problems. The flu shot was found to lower heart problems such as, heart attack, stroke, and even death up to one third (Harvard Health Letter, 2014).If you or your family have or had any preexisting heart conditions, the flu shot might be in your favor. In the article it also says people with already existing heart problems, showed a 55% reducti...

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