Symptoms Of Clinical Depression And Its Devastating Effects Essays

Symptoms Of Clinical Depression And Its Devastating Effects Essays

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In May 2010, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder following a suicide attempt and subsequent stay in a psychiatric ward. To this day, only my closest friends know that I suffer from this illness, let alone that I 've tried to kill myself, and I honestly think that it is best that way. I very much suspect that people would treat me differently if they knew. That tends to be how these things go, at least.

So then why am I writing a public blog post about this?

Because, thanks to the media, lack of empathy, and outright ignorance, there exists a tremendous number of misconceptions about clinical depression and its devastating effects.

Because it is still not being talked about enough.

Because it is far, far more common than you think, and it is therefore extremely likely that someone you interact with on a daily basis is suffering.

Because it is one of the most significant public health issues in industrialized countries.

Because it can absolutely be fatal.

I 've always found it sort of odd that the default reaction to a suicide seems to be some variation of "Oh, wow. (S)He always seemed so happy! What could have made him/her do such a terrible thing? I had no idea (s)he was like that!"

Well... yeah. That 's not exactly the sort of thing that one advertises on a résumé.

More seriously, however, this attitude illustrates what I believe to simply be an innate tendency of humans as a whole. We are complex animals; we possess a level of knowledge that no other organism living on this planet could even aspire of achieving. Along with that intellectual prowess, though, comes a want to rationalize every little thing that we encounter. As a result, an outsider looking in may find themselves trying to frame the s...

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...e non-depressed people tend to think that depression necessarily equates to a feeling of deep sadness, a more apt description would be one of extreme apathy. It becomes hard to feel any real emotion, positive or negative. If you have never experienced an utter absence of all feeling, let me be the first to affirm that it is terrifying. Life becomes such that it is no longer about relishing the interactions with loved ones, the acquisition of fresh knowledge, nor the admiration of the world 's boundless beauty; these things do still exist, certainly, but now there is no joy to be had in any of them. Only emptiness. I know that the spectacular conflagration painted amid a setting sky is among the most beautiful sights to behold, yet I feel nothing upon seeing it except for a longing to somehow rekindle the ardent passion it so inspires in poets and artists. I am hollow.

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