Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disease Varicella Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disease Varicella Essay

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The disease Varicella is a very transmittable disease, as the varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes it. Varicella attacks the human’s nervous system and debilitates it. Like many viruses, VZV, enters the body through airborne viral particles from another infected person. “The new host breathes in the virus, which enters the mucous membrane in a person’s respiratory tract and begins to spread without its envelope from cell to cell” (Dougherty, 2002). Every virus has a specific cell it adheres to and attacks in order to invade the human system, VZV, attacks T cells. “The virus invades T-cells of the blood and those T-cells carry the virus to the skin. There, the virus can recreate its envelope because the top layer of the skin lacks the endosomal pathway that removes glycoproteins from the envelope” (Dougherty, 2002). “After infection, the virus remains dormant/latent in sensory dorsal root ganglia. Reactivation of latent VZV is associated with cutaneous disease occurring in dermatomes, termed herpes zoster (HZ) resulting in shingles or zoster” (Bloch, 2012). Once Varicella enters the human body is goes into a latent cycle then later reactivates and is shown through out the body and “chickenpox” or shingles. Children or adults who have immunodeficiency disorders do not prevent common infectious diseases. Varicella is a common infectious disease; patients with immunodeficiency disorders resist the vaccine treatment of varicella and it attacks their whole immune system. “Patients who have immunodeficiency disorders rely on immunoglobulin prophylaxis to prevent common infectious diseases. Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) products are prepared from pools of plasma collected from a large number of healthy donors and, therefore, contain ...

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...ter vaccination. The more sensitive purified glycoprotein ELISA (gpELISA) or fluorescent antibody to membrane antigen (FAMA) tests have been used in research settings to detect seroconversion after vaccination.” (Clinical Overview, 2016). Another way to test for the specimens is the IgG avidity, IgG avidity has been used in research settings to determine if a person who is IgG positive for VZV was infected with the virus in the past or more recently. Avidity testing can be used to determine if the most recent VZV rash was due to primary infection (varicella) or reactivation (herpes zoster). People infected in the past tend to have antibodies with high affinity for binding to the antigen compared with people with a more recent infection who have a low affinity. As a result, low avidity is an indicator for VZV primary infection (Clinical Overview, 2016).

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