Symptoms And Treatment Of Stroke Patients Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Stroke Patients Essay

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One quiet morning, a week before high school graduation, my mother screamed my name. Something about her tone scared me, so I ran to see what the matter was. My grandfather had slid off the bed and defecated in his clothes. She thought his bowel movement was an accident and wanted me to help her get my grandfather in the shower. As I knelt to help her, I noticed the asymmetry in his face and recalled a stroke pamphlet in the doctor’s office, so I asked him to move his arms. He raised his right arm on cue, but could not move his left. I directed my mother to call the ambulance; the pamphlet had mentioned that treatment for stroke was most effective within three hours of onset so I knew we had to hurry. I asked my grandfather when it occurred. Like many stroke patients, his speech was slurred and this impeded his ability to communicate. It was clear that he could comprehend the question and was attempting to speak. I took the clock off of the wall and asked him to point with his right hand to the time the incident occurred. He pointed to 4 am. My heart squeezed in my chest, as that was six hours earlier; we had missed the three-hour critical period.
This moment was significant in my life for many reasons. First and foremost, it made me realize my passion for teaching and becoming a physician. That was the day I realized I have the potential to save a life, I would enjoy acquiring the knowledge to do just that, and I would love to be able to educate those that needed my assistance. Even though I am not the eldest son, my mother believed I could handle the emergency because I had gained a reputation for being clever in stressful situations. My mother knew I would use the little knowledge that I had to console her by educating her on...

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...areers that allows me to progress the betterment of mankind.
My passion for medicine originated from my love for science, passion for teaching, and my desire to solve problems. My experience with my grandfather and spending time with my mother in the hospital showed me that as a physician I can use my knowledge of science and teaching skills in order to properly educate my patients and their families in terminology they can understand. As a physician, my desire to problem solve will allow me to make effective decisions and diagnosis patients using thorough analysis and sound reasoning. My ability to think clearly and maintain composure under pressure will ensure that every patient receives a scrupulous diagnosis and a sense of comfort. I will integrate all of these qualities when I become a physician in a way that every patient receives the highest quality of care.

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