Symptoms And Treatment Of Sleep Disorders Essays

Symptoms And Treatment Of Sleep Disorders Essays

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This article is about associating aging with changes in sleep patterns in older population. The author reported there are advance phases with older populations and normal sleep cycle, (e.g. going to bed early and being early risers) may cause disruption when they are sleeping during the night by wakening up frequently. The author reported with aging the pattern of sleeping shortens; average an infant/young children sleep 16-20 hours per day; adults is 7-8 hours per day and over 60 years the average is 6 ½ hours per day. As years go by “delta sleep” which is stage 3 and 4, the deepest form of sleep will slowly decrease with age.
Wolkove et al. stated that due to increase in age sleep-related disorders are experienced more in elderly people; such as insomnia, which is difficult in falling asleep and staying asleep with medication, and coexisting illness. The article reported insomnia effects patient over 65 years; it’s common in elderly women vs. elderly men. The article discussed sleep behavior disorders in which older population experience such as: Rapid eye movement (REM)- loss of normal muscle atonia , periodic leg movement/restless legs syndrome- are repetitive cramping or jerking of the legs during sleep and narcolepsy- neurologic disorder that cause excessive daytime fatigue “sleep attacks” when the patients experience an irresistible urge to sleep. In addition, a respiratory disorder plays a huge role in sleep-related disorders (e.g.; snoring, sleep apnea (OSA/CSA), cognitive impairment, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases) in which the older population experiences in the aging process.
In conclusion, heath care professionals (physician, nurses, mental health clinicians, psychiatrist etc…) needs to recognize the sig...

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...rapy) and the clinical aspects to ensure the patients with heart failure receive the appropriate health care. However, with trails being conducted the aim is to relieve sleep-related breathing disorders, optimal approach, and improve cardiovascular results in patient with heart failure.
Transition statement: For instance, the next article will discuss sleep disorder breathing, insomnia, and health related quality of life. The article will compare age and genders against elderly with heart failure or without cardiovascular disease.
Johnanson, P., Arestedit, K., Alehagen, U., Svanborg, E., Dahstrom, U., Brostrom, A., (2010). Sleep disordered breathing insomnia, and health related quality of life. A comparison between age and gender matched elderly with heart failure or without cardiovascular diseases. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 9:108-117.

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