Symptoms And Treatment Of Nursing Practice

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Nursing practice, either in the hospital or other facilities, requires a lot of responsibilities and duties. For one to be able to carry out these responsibilities and obligations, certain considerations have to be upheld to the best of their ability, and for the needs of patients and their families. To carry out these responsibilities, nurses should be aware of the patient’s heritage and cultural beliefs. Different cultures have different views about the causes of disease conditions. These beliefs affect patient’s perception of health education on treatment, maintenance, and restorations. Developed countries identify conditions as a result of the exact situation, and they seek medical treatments or use of technology to diagnose and cure these diseases. Developing countries believe that illnesses are caused as a result of supernatural phenomena and so invoke prayers and spiritual rituals of their idols so that they may be healed and cured. These play a significant role in a patient’s compliance to medical treatment. Philippines Cultures/Beliefs: In the Philippines, the citizens believe that some illnesses are caused by evil spirits, witches, and sorcerers (McBride, n.d.). Some Filipinos – even while at a health care facility receiving treatment – will perform rituals through the use of traditional priests to counteract the spiritual forces causing the illness. Those who are of Christian beliefs depend on using holy oils, religious symbols, prayers, and fasting as ways of healing. Also, there are others of Filipino descent who believe that some illnesses are possibly caused by nature, such as thunder, lightning, droughts, etc., excessive stress, reaction to certain food and drugs, infection or familiar susceptibility (McBride, n.... ... middle of paper ... ...s to avoid particular illness. In conclusion, the information gained from interviewing the three culturally different families offers healthcare providers with the uniqueness one heritage may bring as a patient in need of health care assistance. The information obtained from the research comprised of certain factors such as health perception, socio-economic status, traditional practices, religious views and beliefs, customs and support, an influence of promoting good health and restoration. Thus, by being able to accept and apply these notions, it can allow health practitioners to have good patient care relationships and recommendations with the patient while encouraging healing, well-being, and healthy individuals. All in all, such commitments by health care providers and patients would not only present a better health care environment now but for the future as well.

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