Symptoms And Treatment Of Manic Depression Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Manic Depression Essay

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Manic-Depression Illness, or Bi-Polar Disorder as we know it, was said to have been officially discussed as a disorder in a lecture given by French psychiatrist and neurologist Jules Gabriel Francois Baillarger. He described it as “la folie á double forme”, or the dual form insanity. This term fit perfectly seeing as in earlier medical journals from almost every ancient culture, for example: the Greeks, they mention patience suffering from both “mania and melancholia.” The first and earliest official standard diagnosis, however, came from a different French physician and psychiatrist named Jean-Pierre Falret. Falret published an article describing the disorder as “la folie circulaire”, or the circular depression. Although Falret was published first, both theories came around in the 1850s.
Bi-Polar disorder is a mental illness characterized by alternating periods of elation, depression, and/or anger. Although there is no definite cause, there are many things that can trigger or activate it. One of the most common source is genetics. This disorder can be picked up by younger generations by watching and imitating the behaviors of the older generation. Another common way is a and/or many triggering traumatic events such as an abusive childhood. It can even be slow moving illness that progresses through the years. While there here has been several studies that has lead to the theory that this disorder causes change in the brain and the way the neurotransmitters there communicate with each other, scientists have definitely come to the conclusion that this disorder has resulted in extreme behavioral changes along with changes in sleep patterns, energy, activity performance in the patient are to be expected. Symptoms of BD (Bi-Polar D...

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...mnia or a drastic increase in sleep time, tired or weariness, the feeling of not being good enough, not being able to concentrate or make decisions effectively, reoccurring suicidal thoughts and actions. BD is not to be confused with Mood Swings. They are two different disorders. There are three main differences between the two illnessess. Intensity, length, and Interferance with lifestyles or or patterns. A person with BD experiences the changes in their emotions more intensely than a person with just mood swings. The mood of the moment never sticks to long with people who merely suffer with just mood swings. People with BD can be stuck in their moods for an indefinite period of time. And lastly, while people with mood swings can carry on a near normal life, people who suffer from BD can have their lives interrupted or changed drastically with their emotion changes.

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