Symptoms And Treatment Of Infants Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Infants Essay

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Infants tend to surprise you, even when you are related to them. Madelyn Grace Rodriguez, a bright, adorable face with only 2 front teeth, is a 14 month female baby. Her mother, Virginia, who is related to me as first cousins from my father side, explains to me her experience during her pregnancy and labor that changed her relationship with her daughter. Madelyn was a premature child, born approximately 2 months before her due date after her mother suffered a long, complicated pregnancy. She was born with complications that included respiratory functions, gastric function, and bleeding in the brain. Even with her complications did it cause a setback to some of her development, it also created a stronger bond in their relationship as parent and infant. As I visit her household, Madelyn was currently getting better after having a common cold from the past week. The setting was taken place in the living room where her godmother, Esmeralda, and her mother, Virginia, surrounded Madelyn as I was set in the back of the room to proceed the observation.
One of the first things noticed in Madelyn was her hand and eye coordination as she was able to reach for her bottle and feed herself. Virginia handed the bottle to her daughter, making sure that Madelyn was capable of holding it. She then let’s go and watches Madelyn properly aim the top part of the bottle to her mouth and began to suckle it for food. According to the text, babies at this age understand that motor skills play a huge role in satisfying their goal. With that being said, infants are able to adapt their skills to the appropriate objects in order for the outcome of a goal (Fogel, 2011, p. 157). Madelyn’s goal was to eat due to her scheduled feeding time. She understood that t...

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... smiling and motion of her hands and feet were indicators of a positive emotion that was shown towards another familiar face that shares the same emotion.
As a premature baby, she did suffer complications of development when she was younger. Such as when she was 6 months, her motor skills were still lagging to where she wasn’t able to pick up her body fully as a baby at her age would typically do. She was sent to a therapist where they did exercises to strengthen her back and neck in order for her to become mobile. Although she did have a delay in her physical development, she didn’t show any signs of it during the observation other than her size and weight. Madelyn did show typical development tracts that an infant of 14 months would typically see at this age. For a premature baby and at a small age she shows so much power and life in just a small amount of time.

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