Essay on Symptoms and Treatment of Human Down Syndrome

Essay on Symptoms and Treatment of Human Down Syndrome

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Human Down Syndrome
As diseases evolves so does humans, in order to eradicate the threats of the tiny world. Dangers such as viruses and bacteria, but humans are one-step forward and develop vaccines and antibiotics. Currently, one disease humans cannot stop is Down syndrome.
Down syndrome causes a person to have physical and learning disabilities. Both of these disabilities can be minor to severe. According to World of Health (2000), “physical problems include a small skull, a narrowed or flattened nose bridge, poor muscle tone, and multiple folds beneath the eyes” (para. 1). The most noticeable is intellectual disability, which is similar to dementia. However, effects of people with Down syndrome are very minor in their life, and does not change compared to a non-Down syndrome person. There are many medical risks and problems, but most are treatable. As a result, a person with Down syndrome will most likely have a long healthy life. They can live, play, ride bikes, marry, get jobs, and even have children.
Contrary to popular belief, most Down syndrome cases are not hereditary. In fact, 99% of Down syndrome cases are completely random. According to the National Down Syndrome Society (n.d.), “Translocation is the only type of Down syndrome known to have hereditary link. Translocation accounts for 3 to 4% of all cases of Down syndrome. Of those, one third (or 1% of all cases of Down syndrome) are hereditary” (para. 6). Translocation means part or all of chromosome 21 is attached to a different chromosome, and a person that is a carrier of Down syndrome does not exhibit any symptoms of it; however, their child’s chance of inheriting it is increased. The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (2008) says Down syndrome is caused by an additio...

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