Symptoms And Treatment Of Hospitalized Patients Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Hospitalized Patients Essay

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Physical injuries resulting from a fall can reduce mobility and increase morbidity. Falls that not result in an injury can also be harmful to the patient 's independence triggering fear of falling, anxiety, distress, depression, and decreasing physical activity (Leone & Adams, 2016). Injuries from impatient falls lead to prolonged hospital stay and additional resource expense. In United States, patients with fall injuries stay in the hospital an average of 6.3 extra days longer and their care costs an average of $13,000 more in comparison with patients who do not experienced falls during hospitalization (Huey-Ming, 2015).
Falls result from multiple factors that include impaired cognition, mobility, gait and balance. Hospitalized patients are at a greater risk of falling than the general population. Factors related to hospitalization like mobility problems due to surgery, medications for sedation and pain relief and mental status changes such as delirium increase patients’ risk for falling in a hospital setting (Huey-Ming, 2015).
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) considers accidental falls and anticipated physiological falls a preventable hospital acquired condition. As a result, health care facilities will no longer receive reimbursement from the CMS for costs associated with injuries resulting from inpatient falls (Leone & Adams, 2016).
Reducing falls in the acute care setting has been challenging. In spite of the evidence of fall risk factors, interventions and prevention guidelines falls continue to be the most frequently reported safety event among United States hospitalized patients (Spiva, Robertson, Delk, Patrick, Kimrey, Green, & Gallagher, 2014). To employ evidence-based fall prevention strategies is cr...

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... prevention interventions that include safety huddles, bedside report and hourly rounding will have a positive impact reducing fall rates on hospitals. Safety huddles will allow caregivers to have a general idea of the patients in the unit regarding risk of falls. Collaboration and communication among caregivers will be enhaced also with bedside reporting as a communication information strategy that will additionally promote patients and families involvement in fall precautions. The proactive nursing intervention of hourly rounding will serve to anticipate and address the needs of hospitalized patients and prevent them from falling (DuPree, Fritz-Campiz, & Musbeno, 2014). The implementation of these three fall prevention strategies will also serve to the purpose of promoting a culture of safety, a significant factor in reducing fall rates (Leone & Adams, 2016).

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