Symptoms And Treatment Of Hospital Staff Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Hospital Staff Essay

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At internship this week I recently learned during the morning meeting I that NM was readmitted to Trinitas hospital. It’s not surprising to me that she is in the hospital again. The last time I saw her, from my perspective she was not doing well. She was still in physical pain and symptomatic. She was still speaking weirdly like having scattered thoughts and scratching her sell all over her body to the point to where she would blead, and not eating. It was unclear to me if she had stopped her medications at the time, but I think that could have been a reason as to what was going on. When talking to her and listing to what she was saying two things were clear. First, she was not eating because of her stomach pains and second her mother past away. I’m not sure how recent this had happen, but it clear effected. When she was first admitted to the hospital I felt like the hospital staff did not address what she complained about and assumed she is making things up. At Trinitas NM is known by name and the staff automatically does not take what she says seriously. I also felt that the team member that was with her did not take her seriously as well.
Over all wellness of an individual should be a professional’s main focus. If the professionals in the hospitals are not doing their jobs or making an assumption about an individual, we as a PsyR professionals address and help maintain wellness (physically and mentally). As a PsyR professional you job is to advocate for an individual. Help them get their needs met and help them get the care that they need. I was not there when NM was taken to the hospital the first time; I am judging based off of what the team member explained to me during our conversation and he was clearly more worried abo...

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...also have to keep in mind that the entire team is not represented by this one team member. Sometimes they even shrug off what may say. Like they’re not willing to hear my side of things. For example the situation with NM, when I suggested that maybe he shouldn’t take things so lightly when it comes to an individual.
In this instance I really don’t know how I’m supposed to learn handle situations like this and how not to get so upset when things like that happen. I’m just glad NM is okay and now receiving the help that she is receiving. Maybe I could use my role as an intern to help influence their some the team members way of think, doing, and understanding when it comes to working with individuals. Maybe I can teach them the things I learned and experience. I think that’s how I can contribute more on this internship and possibly gain respect of some team members.

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