Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Heart Attacks

Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Heart Attacks

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Ever known anyone who 's suffered from a heart attack? Well let me tell you it is the scariest moment of your entire life, when that someone you love and cherish, or total stranger goes through this horrific event. I am going to discuss the sign and symptoms, who is at risk for having a heart attack, the prevention and also treatment options. So, that after reading this it will inspire you to get healthy and not have to experience that traumatic moment in life. 
Heart Attacks
Ever had a split moment in life where, everything seemed to crumble underneath your feet? Well, having a heart attack is exactly how that feels, and according to the centers for disease control and prevention website" someone goes through this excruciating event every 43 seconds in the United States alone" (Attack", 2015). Which brings me to my great grandmother who had suffered through multiple heart attacks within the span of about 3 years. When she would have one she would grip her chest with sharp pain, start to break a cold sweat, and have really shallow breathing. We knew exactly what to do in these situations, because unfortunately it had happened before, and off the emergency room we went. However, after a few short years her heart just couldn 't go on and it eventually turned into heart disease. Now a days though through wonderful advancements in technology more procedures can be done to lessen the fatality rate of people who suffer through heart attacks.
Furthermore, a heart attack is where the heart doesn’t get enough blood, and that specific area of the heart dies and no longer functions. This is where the heart is tricky and can determine someone surviving a heart attack versus someone who does not survive. During that situation, if the heart d...

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...and anxiety levels can also increase after having a heart attack, your doctor can help with this to provide support and even medicines to help relieve this.
Last but certainly not least what is the prognosis of having a heart attack, well according to Right Diagnosis website,"1-year survival rate for heart attack is 24 of 25 people will survive if they survive the attack 1 in 25 dies within a year" (attack", 2015). People that have suffered a heart attack can live normal lives with their prescribed medicines and health plan in place. They just have to have a healthier lifestyle and not smoke and eat better. Although knowing when you are having a heart attack and getting help is the best solution. And being able to know the prevention test and screenings is key to not even having to deal with this life-altering condition and just be able to live a happy, healthy life.

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