Essay Symptoms And Treatment Of Group Beta Strep

Essay Symptoms And Treatment Of Group Beta Strep

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Slide 1: What is GBS?
Group beta strep is a common bacteria carried in your intestines, vagina, rectum, bladder or throat.
GBS is usually harmless in adults. Most adults simply carry the bacterium and have no signs or symptoms.
However, in newborns it can cause a serious illness known as group Beta strep disease.

Slide 2: Facts
If you 're a healthy adult, there 's nothing you need to do about group beta strep.
GBS is considered normal vaginal flora in a women who is not pregnant, and therefore no treatment is needed.
If you are pregnant you will need to get a GBS screening test during your third trimester of pregnancy.
If you test GBS+, antibiotic treatment during labor can help protect your baby.
Group Beta strep typically does not affect the length of time you and your baby spend in the hospital, and it doesn 't affect your ability to breast-feed safely.

Slide 3: Screening
If you are pregnant the CDC recommends that women should be screened for GBS at 35-37 weeks of gestation.
Your doctor will take swab samples from your vagina and rectum and send them to a lab for testing.
A positive test indicates that you carry group beta strep. It doesn 't mean that you 're ill or that your baby will be affected.
This just means that the potential for newborn infection exists, and you can now take steps to protect your baby.
If the women’s GBS status is unknown, a rapid test may be performed upon admission.
The rapid test results are usually available within an hour or so and will determine if the mother must be given antibiotics during labor.
If you 've already given birth and your doctor suspects your baby has group B strep disease, a sample of your baby 's blood or spinal fluid will be sent to a lab for evaluation.
Group B s...

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...utions and place the infant of the infected mother in a warmer inside the mother 's room.
B. Do nothing because this is normal.
C. Run penicillin G antibiotic through the mother’s IV.
D. Take a vaginal culture and send it to the lab.
Slide 15 and 16: NCLEX Question 3
3) A G1 at 20 weeks’ gestation is at the clinic for a prenatal visit. She tells the nurse that she has been reading about “group Beta strep disease” on the Internet. She asks when she can expect to be checked for the bacteria. How should the nurse best reply?
A. “I’m glad that you asked. You will be getting the culture done today.”
B. “The obstetrician normally cultures for group B strep after 35 weeks and before delivery.”
C. “You are only checked for group B strep if you have risk factors for the infection.”
D. “Group beta strep is not a serious illness, therefore no tests need to be completed.”

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