Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Electro Convulsive Therapy

Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Electro Convulsive Therapy

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Furthermore, antipsychotic medications do not cure schizophrenia, but they do reduce the symptoms. In addition, the dosage given to the patient varies from patients and according to their mental disorder. Some new antipsychotic medications since to be better than the first drugs invented. Drugs such as Zyprexa or genetic names olanzapine, Risperdal generic name risperidone or Clozapine, which is has been extensively used to treat the negative symptoms of patients with schizophrenia. Antipsychotic medication like many other medications has side effects which consist on: drowsiness, restlessness, muscle spasm, tremors, dry mouth, and blurring of vision (First M.B., Tasman, A.2006, p.265).
John Nash treatments consisted of antipsychotics medications, insulin, and Electro convulsive therapy or normally know as electroshock therapy given five times per week for ten weeks. Electro convulsive is a psychotic treatment in which it electrically induces seizures to the patients with relief psychiatric illness. This treatment is usually done in clinical settings, prior to the therapy, patients is administer a dose of insulin, anesthetics with muscle relaxants. Addition to this, the treatments has form of applications; the placements of the electrodes can be bilateral in the head, which the electric current passes through the whole brain therefore it has better results. The second placement which is unilateral, the current in this form only passes in one hemisphere, which it makes the process longer and with less positive outcomes.
The treatment can have adverse effects in the brain as well as physical risk which are similar to those of the brief general anesthetic. The client can experience some type of confusion and memory loss. Side effec...

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... John Forbes Nash Jr. in terms of the aspects of his illness, and how he was able to manage to live the rest of his life and career with paranoid schizophrenia.

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