Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes Essay

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Life With Diabetes; A Complete Overview

There are various diseases worldwide that are known on a rapid increase. Such as a disease by the name Diabetes mellitus, or widely known as Diabetes, falls into this category.

Diabetes is on a rise and is affecting individuals all around the world. About 350 million people worldwide are known of having diabetes (Dennis); nearly 29.1 million come from the United States (Mayers). With so many people possessing this disease, a great deal of research throughout the years has been generated. In fact, Diabetes has a history, abundant general information, various types, effects and treatment options.

In Ancient Egypt Diabetes was first seen, where its symptoms were described approximately around 2000 BCE (Meyers). One of the Egyptians by the name of Resy-Ra found one of the symptoms to be frequent urination, as well as emaciation (McCoy). From then on, the symptoms persist till this very day. In first century CE, the Greeks named this disease and continues to have the very name today (Meyers). However, it’s attachment of mellius, meaning honey, around the 17th century was attached to the word diabetes, meaning siphon. In later centuries, people recognized as "water tasters" would taste samples of urine to determine if one had diabetes (McCoy). If the urine tasted sacchariferous, the diagnosis would be diabetes. Technologies have progressed since then, as more has been discovered from research.

Diabetes, or Diabetes mellitus, is a collection of diseases that show characteristics of high levels of glucose that prevent insulin production, the resistance of insulin, or both of the two (Meyers). Thus far, the cause of diabetes is still a mystery; yet research has found that subjects that ar...

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... pre-diabetics, insulin resistance has no symptoms and many people may not know they have it. Doctors may be able to detect insulin resistance by a euglycemic clamp test which entails the doctors about sugar metabolism problems. Insulin resistance can be treated with medication, yet can be reversed with a proper diet, daily exercise and to stop smoking (Insulin).

As a final point, Diabetes is a very serious epidemic. Many people all over the world suffer with this, and many do not even know they do. Research has proven multiple links contributing to this disease, diagnosis, and effects. On the other hand, will the future hold the cure for diabetes rather than a treatment? Will a specific cause be revealed? Will the cost of spending due to diabetes decrease? Only time can tell, as research can possibly advance enough to reveal these remarkable answers for humanity.

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