Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression Essay

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Depression is a very common mental disorder that anyone can have. There are many causes, risks, and symptoms. Different types of depression means there will be different kinds of treatments. Depression can be a very dangerous disorder. Untreated clinical depression is a very serious problem. It can lead to drug and alcohol addiction. It can also bring you problems at your job and ruin relationships. Depression can really affect a person’s life. Roughly over 20 million people have depression even though women are two times more likely to suffer from it than men. It is an interrelationship between depression and physical health. Depression does not discriminate, it does not care about age, race, gender, social position or anything else. It is like a sad feeling that stays around for a long time unless it is treated. It is not a normal part of life to have depression. It should be treated before it becomes a big obstacle in life preventing one from doing things they enjoy doing. Even though it is common does not mean one should just accept having it, someone with depression should find help as soon as they feel it is something serious.
Depression has many causes and risks. The death of a loved one can be a huge cause of depression. It may also be genetics, hormones, brain chemistry, abuse, or maybe certain medications. If someone in the family has depression then it may be inherited later on by a child or grandchild. When someone has depression they seem to find no way out. They decide to not get help and would rather take care of the problem themselves. This then leads to disastrous events and to abuse of alcohol and consumption of illegal drugs. When one has no support from friends or family members they feel neglected and that ...

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...ecause you feel like you have no way of helping them. All that one has left to do is just try to advise them to try to help themselves and give them all the support they need. What comes next is their choice, hoping that they choose the right path. Overcoming depression is a big step in having a better life. Depression holds a lot of people back so they stop doing things they enjoy doing like spending time with their loved ones or doing any kind of physical activity. Giving up and just accepting depression is not something that anyone should do. Depression is a life changing experience that many live. Roughly 20 million people suffer from it and many of those deny having it and reject any kind of help. Denial is common for those who are afraid of what might happen or what kind of medication might do to them. Depression can and should be treated before it gets worse.

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