Symptoms And Treatment Of Asthma Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of Asthma Essay

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Thank you very much for sending Gary along for investigation of the likely respiratory contribution to his twelve-month history of worsening shortness of breath. Thank you for also including correspondence regarding his cardiac work up which reassuringly did not reveal any obvious cardiac cause for the breathlessness. I note that a stress sestamibi scan ??? some myocardial ischemia. The echocardiogram showed some diastolic relaxation issues but normal filling pressures and no other significant issues. Of note, he was not anaemic.

Gary does have a long history of airways disease. He was first diagnosed with COPD in 2000 and it is likely that this is a combination of his very heavy smoking history and history of asthma. He has been well established on Spiriva, Seretide 250/25 two puffs twice and day and Ventolin as required since that time. He has been monitored through the Austin Hospital. He has had numerous exacerbations and he is normally on prednisolone twice a year but of note, he has not needed prednisolone this year. The exacerbations are almost always triggered by v...

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Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Asthma

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