Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Acute Chest Syndrome

Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Acute Chest Syndrome

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disease. The earliest indicators of this can be dactylitits, or painful swelling of the hands and feet, fatigue or fussiness due to anemia, yellowing or the skin, also known as jaundice, and the yellowing of the whites of eyes, referred to as icteris (the yellowing is a sign of a large number of red blood cells hemolyzing).
Acute chest syndrome is a very serious condition caused by sickling in the blood vessels of one’s lungs. The result of this damages lung tissue and causes poor oxygen exchange. This often starts a few days after a pain crisis begins and can lead to a lung infection. Symptoms of this are similar to pneumonia, including chest pain, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and a fever. Acute chest syndrome is most common in pregnant women or those who have most recently given birth. Because their immune system is slightly depressed, it is a problem that should be treated in a hospital as it can be life threatening. Treatment for this may include oxygen, medication to treat an infection, a blood transfusion, or a medication to dilate the airways and improve air.
Sickling red blood cells are known to injure blood vessels in a person’s eyes, known as retinopathy, resulting in vision loss and even blindness. The most common site of eye damage is in the retina, the light-sensitive layer in the eye that sends visual messages from the optic nerve to the brain. The retina has been known to detach by being pulled or lifted from its appropriate position caused by excessive blood vessel growth from blockages. Yearly vision exams are highly recommended to check for possible and/or developing eye damage. If problems or vision loss are detected early on laser treatment may be an option to fix or prevent further damage...

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...res. The success rate of such “cure” is 85%, with about 5% of the remaining resulting in death. Infections and seizures are complications of this and transplanted cells may even attack the recipient’s organs.
Sickle cell disease is a very serious health concern that each person should monitored daily. The complications and health issues vary greatly from person to person. One person may have very little issues while another may have a vast number of problems. Patients and parents/guardians of patients should be well educated on symptoms of serious problems and seek help as needed. Routine physicals, eye exams, immunizations, following any medicinal treatment plan(s) and keeping up with any other medical appointments are necessary to stay healthy. It is vital to stay educated and know one’s body to avoid serious organ damage and complications to live a full life.

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