Symptoms And Treatment Of A Sacral Decubitus Ulcer Advisory Panel Essay

Symptoms And Treatment Of A Sacral Decubitus Ulcer Advisory Panel Essay

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A Sacral decubitus ulcer is used interchangeably as a pressure ulcer or pressure sore,
which is commonly diagnosed by prolonged pressure to the skin. A decubitus ulcer forms when constant pressure is put on skin and can damage the underlying tissue (Mayo Clinic, 2014). For example, persistent sitting in a wheelchair. It is an injury to the skin that is usually over a bony prominence like the sacrum (Kirman, C. et al. 2014). The National pressure ulcer advisory panel (NPUAP) explains that these sores result in ischemia, cell death, and tissue necrosis to the skin. The categories include four stages and two which are deep tissue injuries (NPUAP). Patients that use a wheelchair and have other disabilities have a higher chance developing pressure sores which limits their opportunity to position themselves (Mayo Clinic, 2014).
These specific sacral ulcers limits the patient to perform many activities of daily living (ADL). Patients who are elderly in an acute hospitalization or have a different impairment are at risk to suffer from ulcers (Kirman, C. et al. 2014). Also, these ulcers can happen from laying down in a constant position. According to Hartmann, a pressure sore is one of the most severe complications of immobility (2008). There are many risk factors that take into place for a patients with a pressure ulcer such as insufficient blood supply, neurological disorders, surgery, psychiatric illness and severe pain (Hartmann, 2008). However, educating a patient to maintain management of the ulcer is important. It should be a consistent approach to keep the ulcer clean and dry, reposition properly, and have sufficient nutrition (Kirman, C. et al. 2014). Patients must use preventable methods with these techniques, otherwise the p...

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Sean is not thorough during bathing. Even though he washes himself independently, he does not wash his back, buttocks, or stump. This results to work on his muscle functions. He admitted to sleeping in the wheelchair at times. Obviously, promoting a healthy sleep pattern will improve his condition. Since he had an amputation, he is in a wheelchair which resulted to his sacral decubitus ulcer developing. His lack of values play a large role in what is important to do. For example, his poor hygiene does not control the pressure ulcer. He needs to learn how to relieve pressure from the sore in order to relieve his unbearable pain. The lack of motivation to improve his quality of life is important to address. Otherwise, he will continue to worsen his conditions. His energy level is low and his poor nutrition needs to be focused on. Otherwise, the ulcer could worsen.

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