Essay on Symptoms And The Transmission Cycle For Yellow Fever Virus

Essay on Symptoms And The Transmission Cycle For Yellow Fever Virus

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Research was conducted to reveal how vaccines work within the body to protect us from the Yellow Fever virus. I began my research by looking into studies that were previously conducted in countries that experienced the Yellow Fever outbreak such as, Africa and South America. Journal scholarly articles were used because they consisted of relevant information pertaining to my topic. I looked into symptoms and the transmission cycle for Yellow Fever because they gave me a good understanding of how the virus has and still is infecting people all over the world. It is very important to understand how the Yellow Fever virus can be minimized since there is no known cure for this virus. Vaccines are essential to prevent the spread of viruses. Many people don’t really understand how vaccines work with the body to imitate and prevent the virus, that is why I tracked the passageway of vaccines.
An interview was carried out to get a better understanding of how vaccines work. An interview was conducted on March 3, 2016, on Latchmin Michelle Raghunauth, a pharmacist. She is a pharmacist who graduated from St. Johns University and currently works in a pharmacy she opened up not too long ago known as VIVA Pharmacy & Wellness. I came up with 10 questions that I asked her during my interview pertaining to my research topic. Her expertise in the field of vaccines gave an insight view on how vaccines imitate and fight viruses. Through the use of scholarly journal articles, informative articles, videos, and personal interview I was able to gather an abundance of information which helped me answer my research topic question and provided me with great general information.
Viruses, they’re everywhere! Our bodies however, have an amazin...

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