Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Flu Virus Essay

Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Flu Virus Essay

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Every college campus throughout the country seems to have a common issue every fall and winter season: flu season. Due to the living conditions of a college student, the flu virus is one of the most common and accessible viruses to obtain and continues to be an issue for college students each fall and winter season. Every year, there seems to be a large amount of confusion among students between the difference of a “cold” virus and a flu virus. An online article on PubMed Health states, “Colds are much more common than the flu. They also start quite slowly, while the viruses that cause the flu strike quickly and cause more severe symptoms, even in people who are otherwise quite healthy. The flu makes you feel very ill very quickly.” Normally, a cold does not cause serious harm, while the flu virus can lead to pneumonia and other health complications if it is not treated in a timely manner.

The flu virus is a different virus than the one that causes the cold. The most common ways of obtaining the flu virus are shaking hands, sneezing, and being in large crowds of people. Symptoms of the flu may include body aches, fever, loss of appetite, and without proper treatment can eventually lead to a more serious lung disease called pneumonia. One of the most common techniques in preventing the flu virus is getting an annual flu vaccine. Vaccines are injected or taken orally, contain actual viruses or bacteria, while then it produces antibodies and cells that provide prolonged immunity.

According to a Penn State study on USA Today, “College students are especially at risk for contracting the flu this winter due to their unique lifestyles.” Students are in constant contact with the same people, especially in a dormitory setting. ...

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...offer flu vaccines on campus. In addition to offering the vaccine on campus, most pharmacies in college towns offer the vaccine in order to obtain more business and higher vaccination numbers.

Moreover, because of the flu’s similar symptoms to the cold, it is very easy for students to write off their symptoms as being minor and not serious. However, USA Today’s articles states, “Because it’s very similar to other respiratory diseases, it’s easy for students to write off their ailments as the common cold or a pesky cough that will fade on its own. Grohskopf says that fever, muscle aches, chills, runny stuffy nose, scratchy throat, nausea, diarrhea and stuffy nose are all red flags for the contagious disease.” As stated earlier, the mistreatment of flu symptoms can lead to a potentially deadly lung disease known as pneumonia, and can lead to further complications.

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