Essay about Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Depressive Disorder

Essay about Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Depressive Disorder

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Mood Disorders
Case 1: Depression
1. What are the salient historical features of the case?
The only noticeable historical feature of the case is the patient’s depressed mood. The patient’s chronic history of depression is associated to the diagnosis of recurrent major depressive disorder. However, the severity of the depressive episode cannot be determined due to the limited information provided by the patient. The patient fails to specify distinctive symptoms that are essential for the classification of the severity of the depressive episode. In most patients, depressive symptoms cause substantial distress and impairment of social functioning.
2. What physical examination is appropriate to the diagnosis?
Although there are not specific physical findings for major depressive disorder, it is important to perform a comprehensive mental health and physical evaluation to rule out organic causes. The most common medical causes that may imitate the symptoms of major depressive disorder include endocrine disorders, neurologic conditions, infections, and neoplastic causes (Sacher et al., 2012).
3. What mental status changes are significant?
Major depressive disorder must be carefully differentiated from other mental or substance abuse disorders. Unfortunately, in this particular case, no major mental status changes are described.
4. Is there any objective mental status data that you would expect to be present in the case but is not?
There is a substantial quantity of mental status objective data missing in this case. For instance, the patient’s symptoms and appearance are not described. Furthermore, the patient does not admit decreased appetite, anhedonia, changes in his sleep, psychomotor agitation, inappropriate guilt, diminished co...

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...stics of a typical manic episode (Bipolar I disorder).
4. Is there any objective mental status data that you would expect to be present in the case but is not?
Some mental status data or changes that I would have expected but are not described in this case include hallucinations, delusions, or homicidal ideation.
5. What treatment options are appropriate?
The treatment for bipolar affective disorder depends on the stage the patient is experiencing and the choice of the medication varies depending on the symptoms that the patient presents such as psychotic symptoms, agitation, aggression, and sleep disturbance. According to
Scott and Tacchi (2010), the main medication categories used in the treatment of bipolar affective disorder are anxiolytics, mood stabilizers, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, 1st and 2nd generation, antiparkinson agents, and dopamine agonists.

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