Symptoms And Difficulties Of Obesity Essay

Symptoms And Difficulties Of Obesity Essay

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Name of population and brief explanation of condition including symptoms/difficulties:
Obesity: obesity is being in a state where you are overly fat or overweight
Some symptoms are laziness, sweating, high cholesterol, low self esteem, heavy breathing, back and joint pains
Diabetes type 2: is a condition where the pancreas is unable to produce the right amount of insulin that the body needs causing glucose channels to not open properly.
Symptoms are dizziness, blurry vision, excessive hunger, thirst

Determine the risk status of a client with the condition and confirm if they require referral for Clearance to exercise.
Obesity has an impact on the way a lot of people train it is recommended that obese people have their joints looked after and not placed under a lot of stress when training. Obese clients do need a medical clearance prior to training to ensure they have no further medical problems.

Diabetes type 2: clients with diabetes type 2 should defiantly have a medical clearance before training because activity can affect your blood glucose. And clients need to know how to deal with the changes before exercising so that they do not faint for example.
Benefits to each population exercising
The benefits of exercising can reduce cardio vascular disease help increase joint strength and allow the client to become more mentally stable and build up a higher self-esteem and become more outgoing. Also regular exercise can help blood flow.
Exercise or physical activity is important, whether you have diabetes or not. It has many benefits for your physical, psychological and emotional health. For the person with type 2 diabetes physical activity also improves the action of insulin in the body and lowers blood glucose levels. This ...

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...f necessary
Diabetics can participate in local weight training classes like pump but need to always be sure of their condition.
Conclusion: When training and talking to these older clients we must assure that we are not speaking in slang or come across to offensive. As these special populations may be more affected by little things and are more likely to take offence of some of the things our younger generation doing things like making sure that we are wearing appropriate clothing and not revealing clothes and speaking in appropriate manner the older clients should find not be offended. Sometimes you may even encounter religious beliefs which you may have to deal with in appropriate manner and respect their religion. But before training any athlete I would recommend them to a local GP for a health screening so that it is known that they are fit to exercise.

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