Essay about Sympathetic Towards Others Misfortunes

Essay about Sympathetic Towards Others Misfortunes

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Sympathetic towards others Misfortunes
Today individuals tend to overlook to those that need help when something goes wrong in their lives. Even at the toughest moments, we seem passive not in such circumstances in each day action in our lives, including showing no sympathy for people that can be helpless in bad settings. The main reason is how people can be joyful for mistakes in the way their perspective of being safe in their own comfort zone not giving assistance at times. One instance that I am part of such situation was the time in our state of Florida a hurricane name Matthew approach our state. It was quite a complicated matter because many seem glad for such event to occur most were students, although in the first place, this lead to the high amount of disasters in the Caribbean. A huge contributor to such problem can be the lack of sympathy and empathy in our community, which can include the desensitizing of our minds to violent images and the media we have become accustomed to. The least the community can offer is to begin having compassion with a sense source action to assisting those that are not doing so well.

Throughout our long history of errors committed by humanity, many would describe us that humans lack the feeling of compassion completely. The objective would be to work with both strategies like sympathy and empathy these forms of expressing compassion are an excellent form to express our inner emotions. It can influence how we see our environment able to function more properly because it wakes up our emotions since after all humans are social beings. More of this feeling has stayed dormant due to the lack of use of such feelings. On the other hand, the use of empathy is the feeling of having the ability to ...

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... the world in one day, however, could by helping a person at a time.
Consequently, never forget about those that are helpless one knowing the best action is to get involve in the community finding a common ground to helping those in need. A method analyzing of such moment is the passivity people have in one another in times of danger. The best examples of such natural societal phenomenon are ignoring others at the time of chaos, and the desensitizing of our minds when watching violent images. An overall comprehension of our lack of judgment of people which can be attributed to the negativity. A perfect example this will get us people feeding on public pain leading to negative well-being in the long run. To all those who have ever wondered the best action having sympathy with another individual because you might never know you can be the one in such situation of need.

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