Essay on Symbolism References in Everyday Use

Essay on Symbolism References in Everyday Use

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Symbolism the use of symbols to ideas and qualities by giving them symbolic meanings that

are different meaning. For example, there are different varieties of flowers like the roses stand

for romance, violets represent shyness, lilies for beauty and temptation, and chrysanthemums

represent perfection. Symbols are also used in colors to symbolize on what they represent. For

instance, black is used to represent death or evil, white stands for life and purity, red can

symbolize passion, purple is a royal color, yellow stands for violence or decay, and blue

represents peacefulness and calm. Objects can rarely be used as symbols as well. A chain

can symbolize the coming together of two things. A mirror can denote the sun but when it is

broken, it can represent an unhappy union or a separation.

In the novel, Everyday Used, Dee came to visit her family Mama Johnson and Maggie. Dee

came with a male friend name Hakim – A – Barber. Dee took the butter churn and the dasher to

be displayed for art, but then also wanted the quilt that was made by grandma Dee. Mama

Johnson refused to give the quilt to Dee, because Dee doesn’t understand her heritage.

Instead, Mama Johnson gave it to Maggie; Mama Johnson had seen her sister and mother in

Maggie. Maggie understood the value of the butter churn, the dasher, and the quilt her heritage

was important to Mama Johnson that was passed down from generation to generation. Dee

change over time when she was away at college. Dee’s heritage wasn’t the same as it was

before, Dee has seen a new era. Hakim – A – Barber a friend of Dee has also change the way

of his heritage. Hakim – A – Barber became a Jew, which means he cannot eat anything made

of meat...

... middle of paper ...

...used to give it to Dee, and Dee left with Hakim – A –

Barber. Heritage is a necessity to family to what is valuable to their family to remember them by.

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