Symbolism Of Blood By William Shakespeare Essay

Symbolism Of Blood By William Shakespeare Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, there are many things that can be used for symbolism. Such as: how the weather may be, what the witches are telling someone, or how the nature scenes are described. Each of these held a significant meaning during Shakespeare’s time, or Shakespeare wouldn’t have described them many times in so much detail, in his plays. Even with all the symbols one could pull out of Macbeth, the most prominent one would have to be the symbolism of blood, because Shakespeare mentions it forty-one times. Throughout Shakespeare’s play, the recurring use of the image of blood is used as a symbol to demonstrate the constant feelings of guilt felt by the characters, ultimately leading to their feelings of fear and horror for what is yet to come. Shakespeare uses blood to show how the constant guilt is felt by the characters; in addition he also uses the literary devices soliloquy, aside, and imagery, to further demonstrate this.
Throughout the first act, Macbeth is a brave and loyal soldier who would give his life for his country, but he then meets the three witches, or commonly known in the play as, “The Weird Sisters.” Once Macbeth meets the witches, they give him a glimpse of his future along with Macbeth’s acquaintance, Banquo. The witches first tell Macbeth that he will receive the title “thane of Cawdor,” then they tell him he will be a king one day. All in the while they tell Banquo that he will not be a king, but he will father many children who will in return be a king. Once Macbeth learns he will be king, he goes to his wife to tell her the news. Lady Macbeth then comes up with a plan for her and Macbeth to become royalty. For the plan to work, they must first kill the king. The symbol of blood and the...

... middle of paper ... demonstrate this. Shakespeare uses these terms to show how blood and guilt are portrayed throughout the play. The effect of guilt on the characters in Macbeth is presented in contrasting ways. Shakespeare demonstrates how the guilt affected Lady Macbeth through emotional pain and suffering from the acts her and Macbeth committed, it is even speculated that the guilt Lady Macbeth was feeling drove her to commit suicide to escape it. While in contrast it made Macbeth go on a different route; he went on a rampage and tried to kill anyone who got in the way of his claim to the kingdom. Others have said, “Macbeth shows us a criminal deed and then chains of consequential deeds, all leading to destruction” (Long 26). While both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth suffered from their guilt in drastically different ways, it ultimately lead them down the same path to self destruction.

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