The Symbolism Of Ballroom Dance Essay

The Symbolism Of Ballroom Dance Essay

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One of the biggest struggle in society is the difficulty of growing into an adult. It becomes necessary to find out what your life's significance is, learn how to live with people you wouldn’t want to live your life around and become a fair, responsible, and reasonable grown man. Ballroom dancing can be seen as a symbol of an outlet from the struggles of the real world and also a metaphor for life.
Dancing is a way for Willie and Sam to distract themselves from the realities of their sad life. Willie and Sam preoccupy themselves with dance as a method to divert their attention from the perpetual daily routine of waiting tables at St. George’s Tea Room. On the contrary, Hally sees dancing as a way to take his anger out on Sam and Hally. When He comes home and talks on the phone with his parents, Hally's attitude changes into a sour and angry mood. He gets rid of this anger by denigrating dancing, one of the only things that they have in the world. This is clearly shown when Hally calls ballroom dancing simple and mentally retarded. This is significant to the symbol of ballroom dancing because it directly informs the reader that Hally takes his anger out on Hally and Sam by bashing the thing that they love most in the world. Hally also struggled to relate to Sam and Willy because he would be categorized as a privileged white man so he struggled to realize how much of a beautiful distraction ballroom dancing is. This is significant because it shows off the major racial and financial injustices that Sam and Willy face in comparison to Hally's financial freedom and innocence from racial tensions. The distinction between a utopian world and the true reality of the world becomes strikingly apparent at the play’s end. Willie spends his ...

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...ll with it! I walk home. (He goes to the jukebox, puts in a coin and selects a record. The machine comes to life in the gray twilight, blushing its way through a spectrum of soft, romantic colors) How did you say it, Boet Sam? Lets Dream. (Willie sways with the music and gestures for Sam to dance)”. This quote shows that Willie is happy to start a mutually respectful relationship with Hilda and he is beginning to look forward to a fresh start. Sam is starting to dream of Hally's dependence on him, shown when he confesses that he doesn’t know anything anymore.
In conclusion, ballroom dancing can be seen as a symbol of an escape from the struggles of the rash realities of life and also as a metaphor for how life is being lived by Sam, Willie, and Hally. It is important to find a symbol in life, for it can dictate one's importance in a world full of hatred and disaster.

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