Symbolic Themes Between Divergent And 1984 Essay

Symbolic Themes Between Divergent And 1984 Essay

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Symbolic Themes between Divergent and 1984
It is becoming very clear that the world is becoming overpowered with electronic devices, and it is no one but the people’s fault for the privacy loss that has and will continue to happen. The amount one spends on their phone or computer a day could be described as outrageous and to some a waste of time. People wonder why privacy is becoming an issue and it is clearly because the more technical we get with technology, the more power the government has over the people. Many people do not even realize that they are being watched. When they are on their electronic device they have no idea that the government can very easily be monitoring what they are doing. This is very similar to what happens in the dystopian society as seen in the novel 1984 and in the movie Divergent, when the government is completely in control over the people and there is not a thing they can do about it besides attempt to rebel.
Rebellious acts were a very common theme throughout both 1984 and Divergent. These rebellious acts were only brought about because there was too much government control. In the novel 1984, Winston couldn’t stand the government. It drove him crazy to even try to love Big Brother. Even though Winston knew the consequences would be severe he still choose to rebel and to think and believe what he thought was right. Winston hoped for Big brother to somehow get overthrown. As George Orwell said , “ He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past” (“1984 Quotes”). It then became known that Winston was not the only one who had felt this way. Julia also was a rebellious character who had a major love affection for Winston. As Winston and Julia started getting...

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...f their worst fears. In this case, for Beatrice it was being attacked by animals, and being barricaded in a glass box of water rising to the very top. These simulators were supposed to detect if the people were true dauntless citizens. In Beatrice’s case she was not, she was a divergent but she tried her hardest to make her results as close as possible to how a true dauntless would be.
All of the themes that were shared in both 1984 and Divergent all resulted in the ultimate sign of a dystopian society. There is nothing more to it than the citizens feeling traumatized and hysterical. The government takes over and the people are forced to agree and do as they are told. As people read and watch they see as though, the ones who truly believe it is wrong make attempts to change the government by taking very rebellious and dangerous acts against the government’s beliefs.

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