Essay on The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ethics And Morals

Essay on The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ethics And Morals

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In observing the symbiotic relationship between ethics and morals two theories, which relate to the concepts of right and wrong, here morality being the core address between what is right and wrong, while ethics an ancient theory, which dates back to ancient Greece derives from the word Ethos, which by translation addresses customs, conduct, or character (Northhouse, 2010, p. 424). Moreover, elaborating further, ethics address the manner in which morality is observed by a group or an individual thus despite the grounded theory of morals the right and wrong standing true the manner in which it is observed changes with ethics. For example in the Christian underpinning polygamy is observed as unethical, but in the Middle East having a different religion it is Ethical granted an individual can afford to provide equally to all the wives (Euben & Zaman, 2009, p. 09). Yet, in observing all cultures, ethnicities, and religions, it is considered Immoral to take the life of an innocent for no given reason; there is no possible justification that can be presented in proving it is ethical or moral (Smith, 1991, pp. 95-96). Therefore, the relationship between ethics and morals, the Morals being the grounded right and wrong ethics stands as the manner in which the agreed morals are observed and executed by an individual or a group.
Hence, having explained the relationship between ethics and morals observing poverty tourism and morality definition to what is poverty tourism is in need, according to Kevin Outterson, Evan Selinger and Kyle Whyte(2012), “Poverty tourism refers to cases in which financially privileged tourists visit impoverished communities for the purpose of witnessing poverty firsthand” (Outterson, Selinger, & Whyte, 2012, p. ...

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... personal behavior to the extent necessary for social justice” will disagree on this endeavor (Eyer, 2008, p. n.p). Thus comparing the Liberal, Libertarian Public administrators and their stand granted that “Slum Tourism” is controlled or slowly eliminated due to negative moral and ethical impacts of direct contact. Poverty tourism as “Jetwing Vil Uyana” where one enjoys the experience in a controlled environment that is supported by back stage contacts with the locals in obtaining material, food, etc the question of Poverty tourism can be observed as a positive impact on any nation as it brings quick and rapid cash to be invested onsite and offsite. Nevertheless, strict regulations on “Slum Tourism” where tourists venture in to slums, needs to be placed in par with Libertarian stand in protecting self-pride of the people living in such sad state due to misfortune.

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