SWOT of Popular Holdings Berhard

SWOT of Popular Holdings Berhard

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SWOT of Popular Holdings Berhard

The strength for Popular holdings Berhad are the core values of the company. The core values of the company are People, Objectivity, Product, Unity, Leadership, Action, and Reward & Recognition. According to the first core value of Popular , people are their customers, they are their greatest asset. Second core value states that Popular approach their work positively through pro-active participation and open communication. The third core value says that Popular provides their customers quality product at a reasonable price and the fourth value says that Popular respect their people and promote teamwork. Leading with commitment, integrity and competence is the fifth core value of Popular. The six value will be strive for excellence, fostering a quality culture in our company. Lastly Popular encourage, recognize and reward their people for exemplary performance. The second strength is a strong board of directors with Mr Chou Cheng Ngok as the Chairman& Managing Director. He has a master degree in Political Science from US. Popular have Ms Lim Lee Ngoh as their Executive Director & CEO of Malaysia operations. Ms. Lim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance and Business) Degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia. More over, Popular’s two Independent Directors are also very capable of dong their job.
The strengths of the new product are the modern technology that is small in size and convenient to be carried around. With this Pop Card, students don’t have to carry heavy books all round when they need to study. They can simply slot a small little card in their laptops and read all the content faster.
Besides that, this pop card is also rewritable. This not only saves the cost of buying the book but it’s also an environmental friendly way of saving trees. The students can come back to any Popular outlets for the service of the product. There they are allowed to request for the extra subjects they would like to have in their Pop Card. Other than that, the bigger storage capacity allows the users to store much more information in just a single piece of card. The users can find the content of a few books in a single memory card.

The weakness of Popular Holdings Berhad will be it’s strategic vision. The strategic vision of Popular is mostly limited in the stores in Asia. Popular focus more on the Asian market rather than international market.

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There are only limited stores in the Europe countries. Other than that, the Popular stores in Malaysia are not all the same. For example, the stores which is situated in Ipoh has a lot of difference with the store in Kuala Lumpur. The store is Kuala Lumpur is renovated while the store in Ipoh is still according to the old architecture. More over, Popular Holdings Berhad also focus their marker segmentation more to the school students rather than focusing in on all the readers.
The weaknesses of this product will be it might be costly to some of the users because the targeted market for this memory card is student market. They might find it unaffordable to pay a price which is slightly higher than a book. Paying a high price might be hard for students because they don’t earn money by them self. Other than that it might be inconvenient also for the users which are without laptop and for desktop computer, they need to buy an USB memory card reader to enable them to view the content of the memory card. Although the USB memory card read is inexpensive for some but as students this can be costly to them. More over this product is mainly segmented for the school users. It Is not suitable for college students or other readers.

The opportunities for Popular Holdings Berhad will be the strategic vision of the company. Popular is making fast and extensive inroads into the greater China market. Popular has the network, content and the platform, to grow their business and expend into new products, market and business. The network of Popular is retail & distribution, publishing and E-learning.
The opportunities of these products enable popular holdings to conquer the education field market. Popular holdings are very well know in the education field, thus the good name of company can also be the strength for the new product. Besides, this product can help Popular Holdings to be more specialized in education field.
Popular Holdings Berhad can also expend their network by introducing their new product because this product is not yet available in the market.
Other than that, the competitors of popular holdings berhad will not affect much on the sale of the new product because this product is only available at popular holdings berhad and it’s registered under Popular Holding. This is also a good opportunity to win the competitor with this new product.

The threats of Popular Holdings Berhad will be a strong competition form the competitors. For example, MPH bookstore has a wider coverage in the international market but Popular Holdings Berhad coverage is more focused on the Asian market. This means that the customers can get imported books easily in MPH bookstore but they will face some problems finding it in Popular.
The threats of this new product are the strategy proposed by the competitors which go against our product. For an example, competitors launch a special price book fair to sell book in half price and giving out some souvenirs to attract consumers. This type of strategy can decrease our sales because of the price which cheaper than our product.
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