Essay on Swot Analysis : Xerox Corporation

Essay on Swot Analysis : Xerox Corporation

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Mann (2015) maintains Robert Camp, a logistics engineer, became known as the leader of the benchmarking movement when he initiated the idea at Xerox. To increase its plummeting market share, Xerox Corporation underwent more than 230 process assessments to improve their business between 1981 and 1989. After accepting the concept, the company began to benchmark all aspects of their operations in an effort to improve quality, cost and productivity (Attiany, 2014). Their realization that success comes from superior practices across all companies, not just competitors, caused them to look beyond their competition to all companies for best practices, which included billing practices from American Express, Honda for supplier development, and Toyota for quality management to name a few (Mann, 2015). Further relayed by Mann (2015), was that in those eight years of adapting best practices, Xerox went from a crisis point in their organizational history to becoming a world leader in copiers. Because of its success at Xerox, benchmarking became a strategy known worldwide. Moreover, the popularity of benchmarking as a management tool continues to rise today, while many management techniques conform to a cycle of favoritism and then drop out of popularity every few years according to Mann (2015).
Companies Using Benchmarking
Since its rise to fame through the successful implementation at Xerox, applications of benchmarking have been used to aid in the improvement of processes in the fields of “manufacturing, health care, marketing, supply chain, energy, investment decisions, hotel business, public transportation and customer service” (Meybodi, 2015, p. 1020). Some of the companies that employ benchmarking strategies today include IBM, ...

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... more beneficial for companies with more than one product or service; TMS offers one type of service. Benchmarking, as previously detailed, involves the process of reviewing the best practices of other companies, and then implementing those practices to achieve equal or greater performance than competitors (Blocher et al., 2016). Mann (2015) explains one benefit is that benchmarking can be conducted formally or informally. Additionally, Meybodi (2015) espouses that benchmarking, being a flexible tool, can be used for small continuous improvements in any area of the business, as well as for major process reengineering. Due to the small size and limited staff of TMS, the flexibility of benchmarking identified it as the appropriate management technique necessary to help the small firm make improvements and propel its business to greater heights of customer service.

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