Swot Analysis : The Manpower Management Essay

Swot Analysis : The Manpower Management Essay

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The manpower management in health care is very crucial and important task in regards to economical point of view. SWOT is a good way to formulate the strategy for exploration for strategic development of the organization, which will help to evaluate the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). The purpose of any SWOT analysis is to recognize the key internal and external factors that are important for achieving the objective goals of the organization’s future development. The internal factors may be viewed as strengths or weaknesses depending upon their impact on the organization development.
In the context of the new affordable care law & health for all, the goals of human resources (manpower) at each organizations are changing to attain the patient care. Therefore, it is important for organizational health planners and decision-makers to identify what are the human resources requirements along with identifying the SWOT for the organization’s development. (Dreesch et al., 2005). In this fast growing and challenging world of health care business making decisions or analyzing the organizations on basis of SWOT is tough task. So, the organization here selected is the South Bend clinic. The major concerns in health care manpower is an analysis of imbalance of supply & demand between doctors, nurses, and other health care staff, which always creates threat for the organization growth (Feldstein, 2012, p. 397).
South Bend Clinic Background
The South Bend clinic is an oldest clinic around Michiana area. The South Bend clinic (SBC) established in 1916, since the foundation, the clinic has provided primary and specialized care to their patients. More importantly, it has remained committed to the high-quality,...

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...xcellence in the health care they are providing. Thus, this is the driving force for South Bend Clinic 's staff and related organizations. As Drucker (2008) explains, it is the responsibility of the leader "to make sure that everybody knows the mission, understands it, and lives it" (p. 13). The health manpower care analysis on one organization provided important learning insights and put emphasis on, how should we take excellent patient care, which can be possible by providing top class treatment to patients, achieving success on the new technology skills in medicine, and delivering the highest quality patient care to their patients and staff. Lastly, the analysis discloses the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, but if the organization manages manpower planning and new heath care needs, which will serves the success key foe the organization.

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