Essay on Swot Analysis : Swot As A Marketing Tool

Essay on Swot Analysis : Swot As A Marketing Tool

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In this present era, many businesses utilize the SWOT analysis as a crucial marketing tool. SWOT stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.” Companies applies this tool to discovered strengths; diminish weaknesses, increase opportunities and unforeseen threat. Choosing a career in today tough catastrophe economic time, it is very important that I find ways to advance my career. In advance of any career selection, I need to discover more about myself. SWOT analysis is a useful self-assessment instrument that can help me in my aspiration. To get the best result from this tool I have to be honest about myself. According to a video “Together, your strengths and opportunities help identify your long term goals. While your weaknesses and the threats facing you need to be mitigated, planned for or managed to ensure that your goals remain attainable and realistic.” (Kenworth, J. 2013). This paper I will conduct my SWOT analysis that describes what career should I pursue.

First step of the analysis; let’s talk about what are my strengths. Strengths are an internal factor. My strengths are my asset to differentiate myself from others. It is my skills, abilities, realization, and expertise that set me apart from my competitors. For example, the Myers-Briggs Indicator personality type tool helps me to “moving in a career direction that uses your natural preferences.” (Dunning, D. 2010) My strength characteristics are:
1. Analytical and Methodical
2. Work Independently in challenging situation
3. Detail-oriented and Building on experiences
4. Solving problem and Have a handle on
5. Flexible
6. Team player
7. Dependable and devoted
8. Punctual
9. Multitask
Second step of the analysis; what are my weaknesses. Weaknes...

... middle of paper ...

... agents, college advisors, guidance counselors, networking research the job market, Internship and more; remember this is your life.
The objective of using the SWOT Analysis for my career growth is to recognize external and internal factors which can either boost or hinder my achievement of my own goals. By knowing your areas of SWOT you can write your personal progression strategy appropriately for your future success story.
After exploring my assessment I must decide whether my career aspiration will be beneficial or reachable. Following SWOT Analysis allows me to anticipate areas that could be potential questionable. This can also sharpen my strengths, improve my weaknesses, identify opportunities for development and defuse or terminate my threats. . In transforming, I must take my threats and weaknesses and try to convert them into strengths and opportunities.

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