Swot Analysis Of The External And Internal Environment Of A Business Essay

Swot Analysis Of The External And Internal Environment Of A Business Essay

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SWOT is a business model used to investigate a case study and can help in problem recognition. SWOT study’s the external and internal environment of a business in term of four factors, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This essay will be explaining each feature and examples will be provided.

The first factor under the internal environment of an organization is the strength which defines and points the power, the capacity and the capability in doing certain or specified goods or service. It can be shown in different types sometimes a hero item, a strategy, the advertisement, the reputation and many of other models. We can take as examples Wendy’s hamburgers which are considered as a global brand by occupying the third largest fast food hamburger business in the world, offering unique products and healthy alternatives, and the special value menu.
Afterward, the weaknesses are the second internal factor of the internal environment which indicates the lack of strength in accomplishing a certain task, goods or services in the business world. Most of the time they will affect negatively the performance of a business for example: the lack of an easily recognizable product comparable to competitors, the difficulties faced with the international expand.
Moving on to the next level the external factors there was the opportunity which define the chance that opened for a business for greater developments and achievements in the business world. Exactly what happened to-in Wendy’s case after acquiring several smaller companies such as Tim Horton’s and Baja fresh Mexican grill and when they chose to focus on product quality and product expansion by offering its Garden sensations.

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...cond hand, the formation of Inditex to support ZARA’s production system and produce 70% of its stock garments is considered as a backward integration. his is well thought-out as a type of merging where Inditex became a parent company to ZARA. This facilitated the speed of producing and diversely distributing from the manufacturer Inditex to the seller ZARA. Additionally, a flexible a huge variety of clothes can be twisted and distributed with a flexible amount of units to support sales of each stores.
To conclude, ZARA is well known for its fast production due its successful forward vertical integration since production, distribution system and the centralization are in perfect harmony with each other. And backward vertical integration is successful in the matter that Inditex can directly support ZARA with products due to the strong connection between them.

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