SWOT Analysis of Netflix's Social Media Techniques Essays

SWOT Analysis of Netflix's Social Media Techniques Essays

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A critical SWOT analysis of Netflix’s social media techniques clearly shows they are ahead of the game and not backing down from rising competitors like YouTube which is gaining viewers by increasing the amount of online content.

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For B2B Investor relations, Netflix uses Youtube and has a link on their social media disclosure site. For their B2C Netflix has a general community blog which began in May of 2007. Joris Evers, Director of Corporate Communications at Netflix routinely posts updates to this blog as well as Michael Spiegelman, Director of Product Innovation, and Greg Peters, Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer, who release updates on innovative features enhancing current applications which shows that customers that their concerns are being heard without a doubt, and allows for incessant feedback and suggestions.
The tech blog outlines the perspectives, decisions and challenges regarding the software used to create the Netflix service. By going into detail it explains the company’s approach to outages by building software to combat, minimize and prevent downed service and illustrates open sourcing initiatives. Netflix makes known the common metric used and reveals applications like Hystrix and Chaos Monkey as well go in depth to elucidate the AAS reactive auto scaling model and has no hesitation about revealing cases not addressed by it, like outages and variable traffic patterns; However, implementing complimentary technology in a way that promotes synergy enables Netflix to handle unexpected needs efficiently. This section also opens its doors to potential IT professionals that are interested in tackling problems through employment opportunity.

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Using leaders of YouTube with a large subscriber base and grouping them together for a joint effort media campaign, is proving itself very innovative. An excellent example is Hannah Hart, DailyGrace and Mamrie Hart collaborating for ‘movie night” where they get together and watch a movie on Netflix and discuss, they ask you to get a membership with Netflix (using offering a coupon code to get a free month upon subscribing to their youtube channel) and everyone watches together in real time, their request reaches around 670,000 views. This also leads to a discussion on Facebook and Twitter about what they just did. It’s like having a personal movie theatre with all of your online friends.
This is how Netflix is effectively using its competitors to leverage lead generation to the next level.

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