Swot Analysis Of Google 's Customer Experience Essay

Swot Analysis Of Google 's Customer Experience Essay

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SWOT is an acronym for Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; and Threats. The Strength and Weaknesses are within the organization; whilst the Opportunities and threats are beyond the organization in the wider external environment.
Google has a great customer experience due to the fact that quality and customer experience are the primary objects. The products of Google are aimed at solving customer needs and issues by the customer service provided
Google is also well situated financially amongst the most profitable companies in the world with earnings nearly $50 billion and $11 billion profits. The company also boast of $48 billion in cash and just $7 billion of debt which makes them difficult to compete with in the industry. Few companies are that strong financially to out compete Google.
The integration of nearly all Google’s product with each other enriches its customer experience which in turn promotes the use of its other products and services. An example is the use of Googles web browser which will encourage customers to try Googles own mobile phone and operating system. One exciting experience of a customer on one of Googles product or service would in no doubt give rise to customers searching for other products that are Google related.
A culture of innovation which is the underlining culture of Google is responsible for the exceptional and unique products that they offer yearly. Googles innovative work culture is one of its main competitive advantages. This is reflective in the work culture that it currently exhibits. Employees are not restricted and tied down with formal attires and behaviors. Google actually takes care of the employee’s day to day personal activities like laundry, hou...

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...% and 97% of the total revenue during years 2009 and 2010. The concentration of revenue from one segment could adversely affect the profitability of the company therefore would suggest diversifying its business strategy. Google should embark on online video services and even though it has the google chrome stick, it still do not match up with rival gadgets like the Roku and the others. Google could follow the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime in order to have another source of income generation. Google could team up with major internet service providers like Time warner Cable whereby users and customers can easily and quickly search the internet through their remote control straight from the televisions. This is however dependent on the number of people that have smart televisions but in this technological age, such equipment’s are no more a luxury but a necessity.

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