Essay on Swot Analysis Of Ceo And Founder

Essay on Swot Analysis Of Ceo And Founder

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SWOT Analysis
Strengths, ascension worldwide has many strengths. The greatest strength that this company has is it staff. The CEO and founder is a certified social plus emotional intelligence coach, a certified Keirsey temperament professional. He has published three personal development books and an audio program. He is a national speaker and has been featured on national radio shows, local television shows and international radio shows. The CEO also works on developing personal goals that stretch him to achieve higher levels of success every year. He is working on completing his bachelor’s degree that will take his business higher. Another strength would be one of the speaker and trainer associates in the organization. This young lady owns two franchises and has received a Master’s degree in marketing.
In addition, to the staff Ascension Worldwide, utilizing employees on an as needed basis which cuts down on overhead. This means ascension worldwide can hire individuals from across the country and even around the world to partner with and hire to deliver services on different types of content. Many companies have staff that suck up valuable resources. Another strategies would be that ascension worldwide utilizes technology such as interactive websites, coaching apps where people can coach around the clock from anywhere in the world and online platforms for training. Other strengths include wound and extreme Imagination on the part of the CEO. He believes that he can develop his company into eight expedition to company that can grow leaps and bounds over the next five years.
Weaknesses, Ascension Worldwide possess a couple of weaknesses that balance out the strengths. One weakness is that the CEO does not have his bachelor’s degr...

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Getting international contracts is a simple black-and-white metric. We either got a new contract signed or we did not. The metrics would be hard numbers like 10 new contracts in Asia or five new contracts in Europe. The only variation of the metrics would be in percentages.
These metrics are critical in developing our strategic plan so we know what we 're shooting for and we know how to measure them and create objectives that help get us there.
In closing, SWOT analyses are extremely important to a business’s success and potential growth. SWOT analysis guide organizations to their goals and help them stay on track. Without a SWOT analysis most companies would be shooting in the dark and hoping to hit their targets without a well-thought-out plan and informative insight. A SWOT analysis helps companies become soberly realistic about their objectives and goals.

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