Swot Analysis : An Italian Based Organization Essays

Swot Analysis : An Italian Based Organization Essays

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SoftMagic is an Italian based organization that developed an innovative method to create Web and mobile applications by modeling user’s interactions as opposed to write lines of code. The organization struggles to penetrate the U.S. market, and there is lack of a strategy. The document contains a revised strategy for the organization to penetrate of the U.S. market. There is a review of SoftMagic business systems, processes, and technology across core disciplines. The integration of quantitative and qualitative information from finance, business development, marketing, sales, and support departments enables the presentation of a comprehensive view of the organization’s current state. A SWOT critical analysis includes the examination and integration of the multiple challenges and opportunities faced by the organization. The use of current scholarly research and main strategic theories serves to lay out options, and becomes the foundation of a new encompassing penetration strategy. An execution plan contains the steps required for SoftMagic leadership to change their U.S. penetration strategy and thrive.

SoftMagic – An Opportunity to Thrive in the U.S. Market
SoftMagic, Inc (not real name), is a spawned up organization from the Polytechnic of Milan in Italy that created a tool with the same name to facilitate Web and Mobile application software development using a model-driven approach (i.e.: create software without writing lines of code). Likewise, the organization developed a worldwide-accepted model-driven-development language standard to make software development easier and faster (IFML, 2015). SoftMagic has more than 10 years in the market, and a discrete number of customers in Europe, South America, and Asia. A...

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...d not allow for the use of their branding for SoftMagic marketing purposes. In his work, Porter (Porter, 1979) considers that new entrants face multiple challenges precluding their ability to penetrate the environment. Secondly, research suggests (Coviello, 2006; Nunes, A., & Franco, 2015; Ojala, 2008) that those organizations with no presence in U.S. has greater chances to penetrate the market by actively developing a network of relationships and partnerships with firms already present in the market. Consequently, SoftMagic may have several opportunities to adapt their penetration strategy towards internationalization leveraging the “network theory” (Nunes & Franco, 2015, n.p.). Moreover, organization strategy dictates organization structure (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 219). Therefore, in the next section there is an analysis of SoftMagic organization structure.

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