SWOT Analysis: ABC Complete Kitchens Essay

SWOT Analysis: ABC Complete Kitchens Essay

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SWOT Analysis ABC Complete Kitchens
. SWOT analysis is used for companies to analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This information can give some insight to improve internal weak areas and build on strong ones. External opportunities and threats will also be analyzed and potential strategic decisions can be made according to these results. This paper will produce a comprehensive SWOT analysis for our organization which will then be implemented in the overall strategic plan.
First determining the firms internal strengths, the paper will then provide a detailed analysis of its findings including how our company might capitalize from these outcomes. Next it will examine the organizational weaknesses and discuss possible ways to improve these conclusions. Then it will determine the companies opportunities including what possible actions are recommended and how ABC Complete Kitchens can capitalize on these advantages. Finally it will probe into probable threats, providing recommendations to mitigate these threats either by opportunity or strengths.
ABC Complete Kitchen’s internal strengths will be determined and bulleted according to importance in this section and will be analyzed including how the company might capitalize on these outcomes.
Our greatest assets here at ABC are our human capital. Our trained machinists and technicians are our most basic core company. According to an article by Schreyer, “creating value out of knowledge is an intangible asset known as human capital.” (Schweyer, 2004) Our designers only use the best materials and have managed to stay under budget for two years in a row.
According to Bhutoria, 2000:

“What gets measured gets managed.” This...

... middle of paper ...

...ary 2, 2012, from Employee Retention Solution Web site: http://www.retentionconnection.com/
Moutray, C. (2011, December 13). In Industry Week (Ed.), NAM/IW Q4 Survey: Manufacturer Optimism Spikes. Retrieved February 2, 2012, from Industry Week Web site: http://www.industryweek.com/articles/nam/iw_q4_survey_manufacturer_optimism_spikes_26182.aspx
Navin Bhutoria. (2011). In HR Folks International (Ed.), Valuatuation of Human Capital. Retrieved January 30, 2012, from HR Folks.com Web site: http://www.hrfolks.com/articles/intellectual%20capital/valuation%20of%20human%20capital.pdf
Schweyer, A. (2004). The role of talent and technology in an organization. In Talent

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