Swiss Worldwide Food and Beverage Companies: Nestlé

Swiss Worldwide Food and Beverage Companies: Nestlé

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Nestlé is one of the world’s largest food and beverage company according to revenues. It is a Swiss company and its headquarters are in Vevey, Switzerland.
Nestlé has the function for processing and manufacturing food.
The Nestlé R & D Network carries out research and development in order to improve and create products, and manufacturing processes that ensures the needs of consumers are met that high quality of the products is kept, so that strong competition between other companies e.g. Cadbury is persistent. Nestlé also encourages employees to make suggestions where possible changes can be made to ensure that Nestlé products are top quality.
In order to keep high quality Nestlé implements extensive pest controls, hygiene practices and Nestlé also adopts the ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’ (HACCP) system. The HACCP allows Nestlé employees to identity a hazard and eliminate the risks that may occur in the production, manufacturing and handling of food not only in the factory, but across the food chain. In order for hazards to be recognised and eliminated, physical, chemical and biological aspects of food must be assessed. If a hazard is detected, critical control points are implemented and risks are banished.
Nestlé is committed to ensure that good nutritional choices are made by the consumer in order to carry out a healthy lifestyle. As their slogan says ‘GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE’ Nestlé ensures that it meets demands and need for various groups they cater for. For example Lean Cuisine meals are for people on the go or live busy lives. Nestlé recognises different social, political and cultural traditions around the world; therefore not all Nestlé products will be the same in every country.
Nestlé developed Environmental and Management System which attempts to minimise waste, pollution and saving energy and resources on all levels of operation. Nestlé has established a ‘Water and Environmental Sustainability Policy (1991)’ which enforces that preserving natural resources and minimising wastes is an integrate part of Nestlé operations. Nestlé contributes $20000 (AUD) a year, that aims to rehabilitate or sustain the environment.
Nestlé’s input into the Australian economy will vary year to year, as it is dependent upon the nest profit that is distributed across shareholders. Nestlé spends its costs on transportation, company taxes, packaging, and depreciation of plants, animals, equipment and total company wages.
In order to put the Nestlé slogan ‘GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE’ into practice, Nestlé has created many community programs that allow people to be recognised.

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The programs encourage people to be the best they would be. All the programs have different levels of activity, ranging from sport, health education and arts. Nestlé also sponsor programs such as ‘Meals on Wheels Australia’. This support from Nestlé allows ‘Meals on Wheel Australia’ to benefit from research for clients about food and nutrition and different projects on product development. Nestlé supplies ‘Meals on Wheels Australia’ with different foods and beverages under their MAGGI brand such as soups, gravies and booster. Sponsoring programs such as the one just stated and many more have all been a great success.
As a multinational company Nestlé employs people from 100 different nationalities, and offering them to work internationally. People may be employed in areas such as marketing, different areas of a factory, administration, product testing and nutrition, transportation, financing or sales representative. Nestlé expects that their employees are honest, trustworthy, hardworking and energetic friendly workers, Nestlé also abeles the equal employment opportunity and ensures employees needs are met.
Nestlé expects their employees to conduct themselves in a safe manner, and makes sure that they are not in the risk or illness or injury, Risk assessments are regularly conducted to ensure that anyone involved with nestle is in good health. Nestlé also trains new and existing employees in order to widen opportunities for the employee. Before an employee enters Nestlé they must pass the ‘Workplace Heath and Safety’ (previously known as ‘Occupational Health and Safety’) course to ensure they are aware of risks and hazards in the work place environment. Pay that each employee receives varies depending on which level of company they Nestlé are employed at.

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