Swindells' Heroine in Daz for Zoe Essay

Swindells' Heroine in Daz for Zoe Essay

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A hero can be defined in many ways. Some may say that it is a person who faces a problem head on whilst others cower away. Some may say that it is an ordinary being that does extraordinary things. Others may simply say that a hero is someone who goes out of their way to make the world a better place.
All of these descriptions are correct; however I do not think that they are the only characteristics of a heroic person. I believe that a hero is selfless and makes sacrifices in order to help others. They are spontaneous and determined yet still manage to remain subtle and modest.
‘Daz for Zoe’ by Robert Swindells is a dual dialogue novel that was published in 1990. In its mere one hundred and ninety-two pages it manages to seize the reader and leave them with a feeling of permanent suspense till the very end.
The characters in ‘Daz for Zoe’ each have a different perspective and idea of what is morally correct. Many of them have strong and often extreme beliefs. There are the few open minded characters that realise that they are being forced to live in a narrow minded society and because of that they try to address the situation. Given that, some of them make irrational and hasty decisions that may endanger others. Therefore it is difficult to decide who the biggest hero is.
Zoe Askew is one of the main characters of this book. Living in a cosy and fortunate suburb like Silverdale should make her happy; however after meeting Daz she begins to doubt her upbringing. She is portrayed as a determined and courageous teenager who stands up for what she believes in. Zoe has a strong relationship with her grandmother and would do anything to be able to b...

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... as they will destroy everything that they have.
To many of the Silverdale inhabitants and also the State, Pohlman is considered a hero. He enforces the law and tries to protect the ‘Subby’s’. “You’ve got the most important thing of all, which is security. You’re safe in Silverdale, Zoe. Safe and snug. Nothing can touch you. Nothing can hurt you.” He also tries to show Zoe that she is fortunate and to just appreciate the luxuries that she has in Silverdale. “The world’s the way it is, and you’d better pray it stays this way because you’re one of the lucky ones.”
Lt. Pohlman tries to do a good job and obey his instructions from the Domestic Security (DS), but some could question his outlook on life. Pohlman obviously doesn’t believe in equality and because of this, the people in Rawhampton are struggling and poor. He doesn’t understand that everyone is the same.

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