`` Sweets For The Sweet, `` The Veldt `` And Sredni Vashtar Essay

`` Sweets For The Sweet, `` The Veldt `` And Sredni Vashtar Essay

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Everything else you grow out of, but you never recover from childhood. Love and affection during their formative years allow children to mature to stable adults. Children raised in neglectful situations turn bitter and their morals never develop correctly. Children raised in abusive households can see turning violence back unto their abuser as the only means of escape. As a consequence of lonely childhoods and callous guardians, the children in “Sweets to the Sweet”, “The Veldt”, and “Sredni Vashtar” turn to malicious supernatural ways to cope with their situations.
The abuse Irma receives at the hands of her father in “Sweets for the Sweet” evokes her to resort to ruthless magic as a means to escape her father. Being “a lonely, neglected little girl … so terribly lonely … moping around in the corners” for her whole childhood results in Irma becoming hardened and apathetic so her father’s cruel words cannot wound her (Bloch 21). The absence of a loving and supporting mother in addition to the presence of a relentlessly cruel father creates a situation where it becomes impossible for Irma to be unaffected by constantly being called a witch. Irma’s father essentially molded Irma into the witch that he was always so terrified of her being. As a result of growing up in such a violence filled environment, Irma never learns that hurting people is in fact immoral. In the end, Irma’s father pays the price for teaching her such a lesson.
Wendy and Peter in “The Veldt” differ from the others in that their parents love and care for them. Yet, as a result of their parents’ daily duties being completed by machines, they are neglected from human affection that is so essential for children. The children’s anger in response to their father shut...

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...pp being murdered is equal to her threatening to remove Sredni Vashtar from his life. Conradin choosing Sredni Vashtar in the situation reflects how Mrs. De Ropp being cold and apathetic towards Conradin taught him to act the same way towards her. As was with Irma’s dad, Mrs. De Ropp almost brought her fate upon herself due to neglecting to raise Conradin in a warm and caring environment.
Many people are unaware that subtle actions parents take during their child’s youth shape those children in countless ways. Some say that everyone is a product of their environment. These three short stories certainly explore the idea that callous and cold environments produce nefarious and apathetic children. Before assuming that a child is naturally callous one should reflect on whether or not that child’s childhood could have been detrimental to their innocence and development.

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