Essay on Sweden 's Health Care System

Essay on Sweden 's Health Care System

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Sweden’s health care system is ranked number 23 out of 191 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO). This shows how Sweden’s health care system is integrated and impressive it is one of the best in the world. Many countries model their healthcare system after Sweden in many ways.
To start off, the history of Sweden’s health care system began with 6 principles that laid the foundation down for their health care system; firstly their ultimate goal of public health laws was "that the population should be in good health. Secondly, they made it where "justice" and equality/availability remained their most important core principles. Thirdly, the county regions have responsibility for health care planning. Next, the county councils can impose income taxes and people living in a county must receive their health care in that county. Lastly, the county is responsible for both the financing of health care services and the production of health services.
The main components as stated above for Sweden’s health care system is their population in good health, everyone be able to obtain healthcare, and making it more about citizens living in the country’s well-being and not about money. They have the money side of it taken care of by democratically elected politicians. Sweden has integrated many laws and regulations over time making their health care system changes for the good. Health care and morality rates, average lifespan, and uninsured population all tie into together which shows how that country’s heath care system is performing. The average life span is now 83.7 years for women and 80.1 years for men. Sweden is said to be the third lowest child death rate. For the uninsured population in Sweden, you have to obtain a European He...

... middle of paper ... Between Sweden and the United States there is also an issue with healthcare financials. Between Sweden and the United States, Sweden is the country saving the most. “The United States spends more than $8,000 a person per year on health care, well more than twice what Sweden spends.” (Rosenthal, 2014). A possible solution for healthcare finances in the United States to save more money, is to start organizing the money portion of heath care more precisely. Take ideas from other countries such as; Sweden and reorganize and prioritize ways the United States can save more money on health care.
As one can see the United States and Sweden have very similar healthcare systems with very similar issues. Each country has good and bad aspects of their health care. I believe countries can help one another and get ideas and helpful tips when it comes to managing health care.

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