Sweatshops And Its Effects On Society Essay

Sweatshops And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Secondly, these sweatshops should be put to a halt since they are unfair towards their workers and violate their rights. One of many abusive things these sweatshops do to their workers is pay them a very low wage. For instance a Chinese sweatshops owned by the Apple Company pays their workers $1.28 per hour of labor and if lucky, they are forced to work only about 10 hours per day (Cooper). This is a ridiculous amount of pay for these workers considering that they are making device that will go and sell above four hundred dollars. According to statistics it would take a person working in that sweatshop about two months of their salary to be able to buy the cheapest iPad (Cooper). This statistic shows us how these sweatshop are being abusive towards their workers. If a company this big like Apple who makes huge amounts of money in one year pays their workers such a low wage and can get away with it; that 's a huge problem and shows how these sweatshops are so unfair and abusive and helps probe the point on why these sweat-shops should be shutdown cause of their inhumane treatment. Ano...

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