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The model of our sustainable urban area is one that is comprised of several interacting parts, each relying on one another in order to successfully transport the population to whatever destination they have in mind. The first is a system of trains located outside of the city itself that will provide long-distance travel for both goods and people. The inner city area will have very little cars because our electric autonomous automobiles will be utilized mainly in order to connect these stations and other residences with the center of the urban area. As this setup leaves the city with a lack of above-ground transportation, the underground metro will be forced to pick up all of the extra commuters looking to move a considerable distance within the city limits. However, these leaves one major system that is so simple that many often overlook it.
One of the first things that almost every person learns to do as a child is the ability that we take for granted almost every day: walking. This relatively simple yet essential method was almost always the first priority when building cities before the modern era, which almost guaranteed a road system and a citywide grid that would make it effortless to walk to almost any location that you needed to get to. Despite the fact that those city planners were dealing with a much smaller population and scale, their ability to manufacture a truly pedestrian urban environment is something that modern humans can only marvel at, even with more advanced technology. With the invention of the automobile, people were able to quickly transport themselves and any goods they carried at speeds that our ancestors could only dream of. But even with all of the positives they brought with them, cars are responsible...

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...e modern city street more than worth it.
With a combination of all three of the major topics mentioned beforehand, our city will provide others with the blueprint to creating their own sustainable transportation systems. Autonomous vehicles, upgraded and more popular public transportation and pedestrian only sections of the city: all would share the burden of providing a reliable transit option to all of our citizens. The lifeblood of our city will be able to last the tests of time, utilizing renewable energy and reducing pollution levels at every turn. Commerce and human interaction will prosper. All that is left is to lay the first brick into place and begin to create this utopian like transportation system.

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